What makes us different

Our Four-Stage Flourish Process

We’ve designed the Four-Stage Flourish Process to grow with you: to nurture your writing spirit, grow your craft, and accomplish your goals as you develop new and exciting writing and book projects, grow your career, explore your passions, and contribute to the world. Don’t be surprised to meet more often with your editor than you may be used to with other editing services. We’re setting a new standard in the editing industry. We don’t compare or measure ourselves against other editing providers and agencies; we offer a different experience. It’s a nurturing, supportive approach that has worked for us as writers, and we know it can work for you. Learn more about our process and services below.

  • Enter at any stage of the process.
  • Choose only the services you need.
  • Get a specialized quote for your situation.
  • Experience the value of our resources and community.
ServicesWhere to begin
Stage 1

Plant the seed

Every writing project begins with an idea, a seed from which your project grows. But where should you begin? How can you set goals and reach them? How does an idea become a book? Our editors and coaches guide you through this early stage with services to help you brainstorm, outline, set goals, and nurture motivation and creativity.


Book Premise Development

Let us help you craft the concept for your book. We offer consultations for novel planning and nonfiction outlining.

Private Coaching
Small Group Coaching

Our small group coaching helps individuals in the early stage of book development. By meeting with others at the same stage, our writers share ideas, receive extra feedback, and increase their motivation and accountability.

Stage 2

Take Root

You’ve made your plans. You have an idea, an outline, and the desire to write a book. What happens next? You develop the writing process that works for you, and you write the first draft. You put down roots. This is a time when a writer can feel lonely, but drafting doesn’t have to be a solitary process. Our goal at The Editor Garden is to nurture the whole writer. In addition to the mentoring and professional critique and editing services we provide, we can help you find places to connect with other writers on the same journey to build your own community.



We critique partial or full manuscripts, offering either a one-time critique or on-going critiques with revision. Extensive critiques may include manuscript commentary.

Private Coaching
Writing Community Support

In addition to our workshops, webinars, and retreats, we offer services to help you connect with other writers in your field.

Stage 3

Cultivate Growth

At this stage you have a completed first draft. Congratulations! The next step is revision, when you’ll cultivate and prune your manuscript until it shines. The experienced editors at TEG provide targeted support in this stage, from help with creating a revision plan to copyediting. As with every stage of the process, we want you to reach your fullest potential.


Revision Planning

With our revision planning services, we’ll provide specific areas for improvement in your manuscript and ways to tackle the revision process.

Line and Copy Editing

Our workshops connect you with small groups to improve your craft and provide support during the writing and revision process.

Private Coaching

Our trained creative coaches help you thrive through the revision process. Coaching may include monthly or biweekly consultations, planning services, and early draft editing.

Stage 4


This is the time for your book to flourish! Whether you choose self or traditional publishing, we can help you navigate the process. Do you want representation by a literary agent that leads to a traditional publishing contract? Would you rather submit directly to editors at smaller, independent presses? Or do you want full control of your own publishing journey through self-publishing? If so, how do you find the best book designers, photographers, or PR people? TEG has the resources to help you find the answers, so not only your first book, but your next, will flourish.



We proofread for projects in their final stages of revision.

Author Website Design
Book Layout

With book layout services, we prepare your book for publication in print and e-book formats. Through our strategic partnerships, author photos are available with photographers in Jacksonville, Florida.

Cover Design and Photography

Our cover design services provide professional options while keeping you in control of your book cover’s look and style.

Our Commitment

At whatever stage of the Flourish Process you enter The Editor Garden, our proven process always begins with a simple survey to understand your writing and book goals and your editing style. We are committed to cultivating strong client-editor relationships. We listen to our clients and work hard to support them by providing the best editor fit available.

Dedicated Project Managers

When you sign with us, your project manager will set up a 30-minute phone or web conference with your editor where you’ll discuss your goals further and plan for beginning your project services.

Internet Consultation Service

For full-service projects, we offer clients a 30-minute phone or web conference with a TEG internet and social media consultant at no additional cost to discuss internet-based concerns or goals.

Ongoing Support

Regular follow-up consultations will keep you informed, focused, and on schedule with your goals and any related project publications. We want to be your writing, editing, and coaching resource for life.

Craft Cultivation

We want to give our clients the tools necessary to succeed, and helping our clients to cultivate their writing craft is a top priority.

Nurtured Creativity

We founded The Editor Garden to nurture the whole writer. We take a holistic approach to foster your craft and your artistic spirit.

Connected Community

We plan to grow with our clients and engage with the larger writing community, offering opportunities to connect with other writers in person and online.

What our clients love

  • Laurie Dennison gives the most inspirational and constructive feedback, from smaller points like the pacing of a single chapter all the way to large points of character and theme development throughout the entire manuscript. A critique from Laurie always leaves me refreshed and excited to jump back into edits.
    – Rachel Done, YA Writer –
  • Nancy Stone is one of the best professionals I have ever worked with. Her timing was efficient and her methods effective. The hard work Nancy put into my dissertation showed in the initial review. I would recommend Nancy Stone for both aspiring writers and established ones. The next time I need editing, I’m contacting Nancy.
    – Ulysses Simmons, Ph.D. –
  • Nancy Stone, thank you for doing such a marvelous job on your editing. I’m in agreement with all of your recommendations. I’m so glad I had a professional look at it before publishing.
    – Thomas Hughes, author of God’s Love Is Like Making Pancakes –
  • Kimberly was able to help me see past the road blocks and negative thoughts and walked me through a journey over 10 months of designing, creating, and completing my first book, Hearts Aligning.  Kimberly and all her editing partners that worked on my book made the process so smooth and easy.
    – Shellie McCary, author of Hearts Aligning –
  • Kimberly Ashley’s caring approach to editing helped me to produce my best work on my first book project. She supported me through each step of the process, providing expert guidance on organization, craft, and finding my authentic voice.
    – Dr. Daniel H. Shapiro, author of the The Caring Mentor: Practices for Mentoring Teachers and School Counselors to Success –
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Ashley. Kimberly makes you feel at ease with developing your craft of writing. She is skillful in teaching you how to expand your writing material with fluidity and clarity. She is truly an inspiration for indie authors.
    – Corrine Sharpe, author of A Royal Love Revealed –
  • Laurie is well-versed in her background of web design and how to set up the framework for a beautiful website. She looks at your specific needs and uses practicality and creativity to be clear and concise for the visitors to your page.
    – Corrine Sharpe, inspirational author –


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